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When we become parents, we give birth to all sorts of expectations. We expect our children to go through predictable developmental stages and become increasingly more self-sufficient. We expect that parenting will involve a lot of hard work and self-sacrifice, but knowing “what to expect” will give us some comfort in our journey.

Learning that your child has special needs is like putting a pin into this bubble of expectations.

Many of us feel shock, disappointment and fear. We have doubts about our skill as parents. Our relationships with our partners and with our other children can become more strained. We might isolate ourselves from other parents, because we feel that they can’t really appreciate what we’re going through. We have even less time for ourselves.

Surviving and Thriving puts the focus on you, the parent, because when you are thriving, your children will benefit as well. We invite you to find support and inspiration in our workshops and support groups. We also provide coaching as well as individual and couples therapy with the understanding that, to really help your family, you need to put a premium on taking care of yourself.