Psychotherapy can help you lead a more satisfying and productive life

Focusing on issues such as depression, anxiety. trauma and life transitions

Individual and Couples Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

What is preventing you from fully engaging in your life? It is challenging enough to parent a child with special needs, but even more so if you are feeling depressed or anxious, grappling with difficult relationships, or dealing with chronic illness.

Psychotherapy helps you see yourself, and your world, in a new way. I am passionate about helping my clients to discover what make them feel truly alive, and I view my role as helping clients to identify the ideas or relationships that stifle that power. My style is compassionate and interactive, fully appreciating the courage it takes to engage in psychotherapy, while helping you make room for new possibilities to unfold.

Couples Psychotherapy

When your child has special needs, your relationship with your partner can be the first thing to suffer. Couples often find themselves in different worlds: one partner may feel more pressure as a breadwinner, while the other partner may need to put increasing energy into supporting his or her child. You and your partner may have less time and less energy for each other, and may notice increasing distance or conflict.

A nurturing and supportive relationship with your partner is key to helping you move from surviving to thriving. Couples therapy can help to put the focus back on you as a couple. If you would like to strengthen your relationship, find new ways to work through conflict, or if you’d simply like a supportive place to talk about the impact of coping with your child’s needs, couples therapy may be right for you.

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